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Jobs In Kenya – Learn 5 Tips To Finding Your Dream Job

Although becoming an entrepreneur seems like the right way to go, not all of us were born to be businessmen. Some of us would like to find decent jobs in Kenya so we can put what we learned in class to good use.
 I mean, aren’t all of us entitled to dream big and plan for the future? So let not one discourage you from following your dream (whether in business or employment). I am here to tell you that you have great things coming up in your future.

Looking for a job in Kenya
 If you are sitting there wondering what step to take after campus, high school etc don’t panic, below are a few tips on how you can increase your chances of finding a decent job in this part of the world.  Please feel free to drop me your comment at the tail end of this article; I would really like to hear your opinion. You can also find us on our >>Facebook page<<

5 Tips on How to Find a Job in Kenya
  •  Diversify your search efforts
Gone are the days when one would sit at home waiting for newspaper ads to find jobs in Kenya. The job market has become more competitive nowadays and you need to think outside the box to succeed.
So James what other ways can I use to market myself for my ideal job? You might want to ask? Well, I suggest you make good use of the internet. For instance, I know of a very brilliant website here called Adlek where you can post your CV for free and employees will soon start calling you. 

Looking for a job in Kenya
I have seen a few of my friends using Adlek successfully and that is why I am recommending it to you. It is a relatively young site, which means your CV will be instantly recognized if you post it today rather than later. Remember to keep your CV short and simple (1page should be enough).

  • Focus on your skills rather than just your academics
While your academic certificates are important, the truth is that most employees tend to focus more on skills than papers. For example, I recently got hired as part of a local company’s SEO team yet I am not a computer scientist!

I got this deal while I was still in campus pursuing a degree in economics. So, how did I do it? First, I marketed my skills as a blogger through this blog. In the course of doing so, someone contacted me and informed me of a job opening where they were looking for people with my skills. When I wrote my CV I put all the important bits first.

For instance, instead of telling them how much economics and mathematics I had learned at the University of Nairobi, I told them about my blogging skills. I told them how good I am at managing online traffic blah blah blah. 80% of my CV comprised of my skills. Only 20% talked about academics. 

What’s more, I did not write a long CV. Only 1 and a half pages and I was done.
That is exactly what you should also do. If you want to become a banker, look what skills you might be having that give you an edge over your competition.

 May be you worked for a small company in your rural area or you have helped a relative manage their business. All these are important skills that should not miss out in your CV.
  • Use social media (carefully)

Lookign for a job in Kenya
When I tell you to use social media to find a job I am not telling you to post on each and every Facebook group you come across telling people that you want a job – NO. The best way to market your skills on social media is by “soft selling”. 

For instance, you can start a small blog and start offering FREE advice to people. May be you have a course in Bsc Nursing, why not start a health and fitness blog where you advice people on basic health matters? 

By doing this, you will have positioned yourself as an authority in your field of training and every employer will want to hire you.

The good thing with blogging is that you can use it to make money as you look for a job. In my case I make some amount from Payoneer’s affiliate program which I would request you join today. >>Sign Up for Payoneer<<    >>Learn more about Payoneer<<

Apart from blogging, you can use social media sites such as LinkedIn to sell yourself.
  • Connections, connections, connections
The earlier you start building your network the better. Most of the people I know who have landed jobs in Kenya have their friends to thank for it. Different people have different types of connections.

For instance, your best connections are with your former high school buddies. For others best connections come through family ties. In short, what I am trying to tell you is that, no matter who you are (or where you come from) there are many ways through which you can build your connections. 

Lookign for a job in KenyaMake sure your contact details are readily available to your network so they can inform you promptly after they find a good job for you. More tips:

*MAKE sure the people around you know what you are up to always: if you’re about to finish campus, tell your people about it, don’t keep it for yourself.

*WHENEVER you meet with people in your network, don’t shy away from telling them that you’re looking for a job, they might be of help to you.

  • The final (most important) tip

If the first 4 tips don’t seem to work, then you have to take your efforts a notch higher. First, draft different types of CVs (Keep a soft-copy of each in your flashdisk for easy access; you need different CVs for different job in Kenya). 

Lookign for a job in Kenya
Secondly, create a simple business card, with your contact details and skill in it. Now, always make sure you carry your flashdisk and your “business card” everywhere you go. Instead of moving from office to office with your papers like everyone else does, why not sell your skills in various business forums? 

There are many business conferences that take place in our country and most of these a FREE of charge to youths. Why not attend such conferences with your business card so you can give it to the CEOs during the networking sessions? You can even volunteer to work for free for a short period of time as your expand your network and skill-base.

Bottom line

In short, let no one tell you that there are no jobs in Kenya; you can indeed find a good job without frustrating yourself. I hope that the 5 tips I’ve shared with you above will be of help to you. If you would like to ask a question, make a suggestion or market your skills, kindly feel free to do so in the comment box below. 

You can take advantage of this opportunity to expand your network. Remember to upload your CV at Adlek to improve your “findability” as well.
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