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My Review of Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector - Is It A Good Buy?

I bought the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector after coming across a list of overwhelmingly positive reviews of it online. At first I was a bit skeptical because most of these tools end up falling short of expectations once you start using them – but I was really impressed when I received the package. First, the order was delivered very fast; it actually arrived earlier than I even expected. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday evening.

The box was properly sealed safe for a few minor dents that didn’t pose any danger to the machine that was safely tucked inside. Straight out of the box, the metal detector was good to go. We followed a few basic instructions (provided in the guide book) and were able to set it up in a couple of minutes. 

How It Feels

BHJS feels sturdy and well-made although its length is a bit short for a mature adult to use comfortably. In my opinion, this metal detector is best suited for adventure loving kids aged from 9 years onwards to their teens. It’s strong enough to withstand normal-use impact and light in weight at about 1.5 pounds.

How It Looks

The design is very simplistic. It has two dials – one that controls power sensitivity and the other one for target elimination e.g. ruling out iron or other metallic items that may be hidden near the “hits”. There is also one needle gauge called the target indicator that beeps whenever you are near a target object. I realized you can detect roofing nails hidden as deep as 2 feet underground. 

Our Experience

So as I have already mentioned, we received this detector on a Thursday evening and went straight out to try it. We inserted two 9 volt batteries and after a few basic set-up guides we were good to go. I must admit my son had a difficult time mastering the instructions initially but I was able to guide him through it. 

Our first assignment was on the driveway. We placed a few coins at random spots and tested the metal detector to gauge its accuracy. Then after that we decided to complicate the task a little bit and so we went to the lawn around our house on a mission to find and clear all roofing nails and remnants that had been left behind after a re-roofing job a few weeks earlier. 

Once again, the detector did not disappoint. We collected a whole ton of nails and I even found my old picnic knife that had been deeply buried in clay among other items that I have lost over the years. 

On Day 2 I decided to let my son take over the control. We live on a few acres and so I was able to bury a couple of items here and there and let him find them. With a bit more training, he was all set to go and we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the wonders of our little wonderful “wilderness”.

He now controls the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector all by himself although I join him in his explorative ventures once in a while. I absolutely love the fact that this new “toy” keeps him busy outdoors which is healthier than spending the whole day watching TV. 

What I Like 

*Fast shipping – awesome shipping and timely delivery
*Ease of use – if you have any difficulties, a guide book is provided
*Sturdy form – it is well built and durable
*Efficiency – it has discrimination control for eliminating unwanted metals
*The fun – although it is best suited for kids, adults can also enjoy having it around
*Warranty – it is backed by a 1 year Bounty Hunter Warranty

What I did not like

I like everything else about this device and I honestly would not fault it for anything. It’s a good buy and I don’t regret buying it at all. However, I feel that they should have included a plug for earphones. This could come in handy when one wants to explore silently. 

Final Word

I would recommend this for adventure kids and even mature family members who would like to spend a few minutes outdoors. You can even carry it with you during your next picnic occasion – it’s lots of fun to have around plus its lightweight and easy to pack up. For its price, Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is a good tool to have around. It gets you the best bang for your bucks.
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