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10 Simple Business Ideas To Start With Less Than Ksh. 50,000 in Kenya

Talking about small business ideas for Kenyan youth 2014 here are some nice ideas you can take advantage of. I have only focused on businesses that cost less than Ksh. 50,000 to set up because this is where most of us (Kenyan youth that is) fall. I've ranked them from position 10 to position 1. Read on.
10.Venture Online

The online world is a bee-hive of activities. From content writing to academic writing and affiliate marketing, you’re spoilt for choice on what to do. If you’re into writing you can join sites such as freelancer and oDesk and bid for your first job.

Remember you need to write in GOOD ENGLISH. Alternatively, you can train to work as an academic writer and start writing for sites such as essayshark and Uvocorp.
Most of these companies pay through PAYPAL. It would be good if you apply for a FREE Payoneer Card in advance. You'll definitely need it to receive money from abroad. 

9.Sell Stuff on OLX

There’s a lot of cash to be made on OLX. I recently posted an ad to sell some diaries I had imported from China and wow, the business was just awesome. All you need to do is find something unique that you can offer to your target audience and post it on this bustling site. 

 Remember to upload a few photos, use catchy phrases. Most importantly ensure that your pricing is right. You’ll start receiving surprising offers in a matter of days!

My friend Willy eats fire without getting burnt, LOL, he now wants to market that on OLX what about you? Talk to me about your skill we see how I can help you market it in a flash!, Leave a comment below.

8.Invest in Unit Trusts

This is the perfect investment venture for people who are extremely busy doing other things to an extent that they cannot manage to do some side hustle.
Unit trusts are among the top 10 small ideas for Kenyan youth
Courtesy of Old Mutual

Instead of leaving your cash sleeping in some bank account, why not take it to OLD MUTUAL unit trusts which earn you reasonable interest?

 It’s simple just dial *480# and start saving from as little as 500 bob. Alternatively, join microfinance institutions such as Jamii Bora and see how they can help you.

7.Sell Clothes to Campus Students

I’m talking about Universities such as UON and KU. You only need to buy some nice boxers, vests and t-shirts and time when the students receive their HELB allowances. 

As we speak, most UON students are expecting to receive their HELB in a few days time, this would be the ideal time to pay them a visit with your merchandise. All you need to do is to give them a reasonable price and nice quality and for sure they’ll buy from you. Make it a habit to visit these campuses the first month after the beginning of a new semester.

6.Start a Butchery  
This is actually the simplest business venture that you can start. It doesn’t demand a lot of capital and yet the rewards are quite huge.

For starters, you’ll need to find a room that is strategically located in a busy street or matatu terminus. Of course, you’ll need to apply for all the necessary permits and paint up the shop. 

 You’ll also need to employ an assistant. Your monthly expenses will be something like this (in a middle income estate like Dagoretti):

  • Rent – Ksh. 8,000
  • Salary (Assistant) – Ksh.15,000
  • Bad stock and shortages – Ksh. 15,000
  • Miscellaneous (water, electricity) – Ksh. 5,000
  • Fuel – Ksh. 5,000
 If you make an average sale of 30 Kgs per day you can earn yourself a monthly salary of Ksh 50000 to 60000. Isn’t that a cool amount?

Estates where you can start this business and do quite well include Kamulu, Joska and any other upcoming settlements in NRB.

Note: You will want to operate the butchery yourself for the first few months before leaving the assistant to manage it. Of course you know why this is important :)

5.Movie Shop Business

If all you want is a small business to keep you going. Open a movie business in your estate. Be sure to get a good computer. Focus on giving your customers latest quality movies. 

Take time to bond with them at a personal level to earn their loyalty. With time you can diversify to other product that they demand for. Like I have a friend who has opened a small cyber with just 2 laptops just next to his movie shop.

This, he tells me, brings him a whopping Ksh 1000 a day. Minus all expenses and he takes home approximately Ksh 500 on a bad day.


Yes, indeed you can make good cash with a simple gym. All you need is to rent a simple room in a middle income estate such as Zimmerman, Kasarani, Roysambu, Umoja etc. 

You’ll also need to invest in a few jua kali gym materials. You also need a small TV and DVD player to play pre-recorded exercises to your client. I would advise you to target WORKING CLASS LADIES and charge them around Ksh.1500 per month.

 You can actually start off with 2 clients. This should grow with time if your service is good. Hint: Don’t mind waking up as early as to train them!

3.Sell Personalized Items

Mugs, diaries, business card holders etc sell like hot cake if personalized with specific details.
Make money selling branded mugs in Kenya
NSE branded mug

Let me give you the mug example. You buy a simple mug at just Ksh 200, then take it to Mattel House.

Tell Tolbert (+254722393518) that James the Blogger has referred you to him and sure enough he’ll charge you around Ksh 150 to print that mug.

 Have them print it with your photo and use it to look for more orders e.g during graduation ceremonies. In that case you can sell each mug for Ksh 500+. Brilliant idea? Give it a try.

2.Start Small With Shares

Shares are not a preserve for the rich. If you’re keen enough you can still make something good with shares. Most people make the mistake of relying on dividends which for sure doesn’t return beyond Ksh 1000 in most cases. 

I would instead encourage you to trade shares. Look for fast moving shares e.g CENTUM, CARBACID and EQUITY, buy what you can afford, wait for prices to rise and then rush to your agent to sell your shares.

It’s a simple process which I’m sure my broker is willing to break down further for you – call FAIDA INVESTMENT BANK on 0724721014 for more advice on this.

1.Graphic Design and Digital Printing

print campaign posters for students and earn good money in kenyaTake some CORREL DRAW courses until you master how to design simple things like business cards, fliers and CAMPAIGN POSTERS.

Buy a colored copy-printer which goes for less than Ksh 20000. Market your skills to campus students vying for various leaderships posts – KUSA, SONU etc.

Awe them with your graphic design skills and you’ll soon be smiling all the way to the bank!

Final Word

There are many small business ideas to try in Kenya; all you need is to think outside the box. It’s my hope that these 10 glamorous ideas will get you started with the right pace. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE business ideas with less than KSH 50000.

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