About Us

Hi, this blog is owned by James. He is passionate about empowering people by creating inspirational articles as a hobby.

He believes that sometimes, all we need in life is a little push and a little inspiration to make it in life. The main goal of this blog and its authors is to give you that extra push so that you can achieve more in life.

Here we discuss business ideas, blogging tips among other important topics that can help you in life. We don't talk gossip and we don't share facts that aren't double-checked.

We are based in Nairobi Kenya, and as you may expect we use the Ksh currency for value referencing. If you happen to read this blog from outside the country, then keep in mind that $1=Ksh100.

Our vision is to see you excel in life. And while we appreciate your coming, we hope you're going to leave a comment in form of feedback so that we can keep improving on our services.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy your research.

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