Friday, 8 May 2015

5 Types of Small Businesses in The Kenyan Beauty Industry

Wondering how to start a cosmetic shop in Kenya? Thinking about getting a share of our fast growing beauty industry pie? Here are some simple ideas that you can use to gain an edge over the ever-increasing competition.

(1)Body Piercing Services
You can train more on body piercing and then acquire the right machine for the job and voila! The money will slowly start trickling in.
Budget:Ksh100,000 – Ksh300,000

(2)Make-up Artist
With a growing number of celebrities and influential persons around us, the business of make-up artistry is booming. You only need to acquire the right training and tools for the job.
Budget: Ksh100,000 – Ksh500,000

(3)Massage Salon
People are always looking for a cheaper and more effective way to relax in the evening and during weekends. You can open a massage salon for them and as you knead away their worries you’re making some more dollars.
Budget: Ksh250,000 – Ksh1,000,000

(4)Skin Care Products
Do you have access to high quality of good skin care products? Well, the anti-aging and wellness market isn’t about to likely to dwindle anytime soon.
Budget: Ksh160,000 – Ksh500,000

(5)Selling Wigs and Weaves
Many women are looking for high quality weaves and wigs to compliment their beauty. If you can get a good source of wigs and weaves, then you can take advantage of an ever-growing market.
Budget: Ksh200,000 – Ksh1,000,000

I will keep updating you on more ideas in the beauty industry as they keep coming. Kindly leave a comment at the comment box so that we can keep sharing. Thanks.
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