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Top 10 University Student Unions In Africa

Wondering which are the top 10 university student unions in Africa? Wonder no more. Africa is home to some of the best universities in the world. And with the shaky nature of African politics, university students have not been left behind in the fight for modernization of this great continent. We take a look at some of unions that have played the biggest role in shaping Africa’s polity, society and economy in history and currently.

KUSA is a top 10 student union in Africa 
10.Kenyatta University Students Association, KE
Also known as KUSA, the students association of Kenyatta university students has played an enormous role in shaping Kenya’s university education. The organization boasts about 30000 members all of whom are very aggressive in defending their rights at all costs even if it means taking to the streets. Thanks to this organization, students in this premier university now have better learning facilities and a fantastic environment to live in.

9.Al-azhar Student Union, EGYPT
Al-azhar student union stands tall when defending students’ rights and shaping matters Egypt politics is concerned. This organization has in several previous occasions fought running battles with police, fighting for what its leadership terms as equity and justice for all Egyptians. Not too long ago, the university president was given the mandate to allow police into the university premises to quell violence.  

8. National Union of South African Students, SA
It’s not possible to discuss the likes of Nelson Mandela without mentioning this aggressive student union body. Established in 1924, the union gave birth to some of the biggest names in the fight for South Africa’s liberation notably Steve Biko. The famous Soweto Uprising was also a brain-child of this top 10 student union of Africa. NUSAS was dissolved in 1991.

7. Daresalaam University Student Organization, TZ
In a society that is still recovering from an era of Socialism, Daruso plays a pivotal role in bringing harmony and modernity to Tanzanian university education. Though not as violent and vicious as some of the other unions we’ve discussed so far, Daruso’s voice is respected by all and sundry in Tanzania. The union often organizes charity events aimed to benefit the local community majority of whom survive on less than $1 per day.

6.University of Lagos Student Union Government, NGA
The University of Lagos Student Union Government was so aggressive in fighting for its members rights that the government had to ban it 2005. But since then, calls to have it recalled have dominated the airwaves. The famed student is remembered for leading a strike that oversaw the burning of the Vice Chancellors lounge.

Cairo University Student Union is a top 10 in Africa
5.Cairo University Students Union, EGYPT
In a country that has undergone a great political revolution over the past two or so years, Cairo University Students Union stands out as the most aggressive wing of the revolution. Anyone who wants to influence the political affairs of Egypt  has to first win the support of this aggressive group to succeed.

4.Lagos State University Student Union, NGA
Lagos State University is recognized as one of the best universities in Nigeria for more reasons than one. Its student body is revered when it comes to pushing agenda that is important to the welfare of the West African nations. LASUSU’s elections are known to be very competitive. Aspirants are said to run presidential-like campaigns just to win the majority vote to head this huge organization.

3.South African Students’ Association, SA
Also known as SASO, the South African Students’ Association was formed in 1968 to champion for the fight against apartheid. Unlike the NSUSAS, this one belonged exclusively to black African students who thought that their white counterparts were undermining their liberation efforts. SASO was credited with the famous revolution dubbed “Black Revolution”. SASO was however banned in 1973 amidst increasing state repression.

 2.Student Union of Nairobi University (SONU), KE
SONU is among the top 10 most influential student unions in AfricaSONU is one of the top 10 best organized student unions in Africa. The aggressive organization has played a big role in revolutionizing Kenya. In fact, some basic rights and privileges that Kenyans enjoy – such as multi-partism and democracy – were all won through SONU. Some of SoNu’s past leaders feature in key posts in Kenya’s current government. The union has occasionally earned itself a bad name among Kenyans who think that it’s made up of corrupt hooligans who simply fight for selfish interests.

 1.University of Tripoli Student Union
Talk of aggressiveness, influence and meticulous coordination and the University of Tripoli student union comes to the foresight. As you’ll probably agree, not many student organizations can stand the test of ousting a leader of the stature of Muammar Gaddafi. But the University of Tripoli Student Union did it which is why, today, we rank it as the best organized student union in Africa.

Hope you enjoyed getting acquainted with our top 10 student organizations in Africa list. Comments are highly appreciated.
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