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Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2015 - Learn How To Start a Small Biz

2015 simple business ideas in Kenya

This is an article detailing more about the latest business idea in Kenya 2015. I have listed 10 ideas in order of simplicity and turnover. Read it keenly, take your notes and most importantly implement at least one of these ideas over the year.


After my previous article entitled 10 Simple Business Idea To Start With Less Than Ksh. 50,000 I received overwhelming support from some of you who wanted to more advice and research. In fact, a majority of them were willing to pay for more research and this act of kindness really motivated me. 

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Now, without wasting any more time, let's get started with some simple ideas that you can start and make it big in the world of entrepreneurship. 

10 Simple Business Ideas in Kenya

(10)Motor Cycle Spare Parts Business

With so many motorcycles in our streets nowadays you can’t go wrong if you decide to invest in sale of spare parts. All you need to do is to go to a site like, place your small quantity order and wait for a few months for it to be delivered to Kenya from China. 

Then from that point you can sell them at more than double the price you bought them for. Alternatively, if you are as lazy as me, you can visit Kirinyaga road in Nairobi and order for the same for a spare parts shop. 

Then you can transport them to your rural town and sell to motorcycle owners. You need about Ksh50,000 for this business if your goal is to start small. Of course, this is not a lazy man’s business – a bit of hard work and strategy is required. 

(9)Onion Farming

As simple as that idea sounds, it can make you some, easy cash. First, onions grow quite first. Secondly, they don’t require a large chunk of land to plant. Thirdly, onions are not perishable. If you can get a nice piece of land in an area that has high potential of producing onions, then an investment in this direction would definitely be in order.

If you live in Nairobi, you can travel to the outskirts e.g. Ruai or Kitengela to hire a piece of land where you can then plant onions. But then, before you rush to invest make sure you have a ready market in mind. 

If you have a piece of land, you’ll probably need less than Ksh20,000 to start this business. If you’re going to hire land (e.g. 1/8th acre) probably you can spend Ksh50,000 per investment. 

(8)Online Business & Blogging

If you are looking for something that is less demanding (physically), then probably you need to think about venturing into online business. There are many things you can do online. 

For instance, you can start a blog and earn money from Google. Alternatively you can create an eBook an sell it to the online market. 

Or if you’re not good at marketing then you can look for online work and work for other people. For instance you can write articles or academic papers on sites such as and

The best thing about online business is that it is a cool business idea. Moreover, you can get started even with Ksh 0. But then again, this is not a lazy man’s paradise so lazy people please keep off this one. 

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(7)Cosmetic Business (Beauty Supplies Shop)

You can never go wrong if you implement the business idea of a cosmetic shop in Kenya. First, people are always looking for new ways to look cool and beautiful. 

Besides that, salons are being opened in every street every day. All you need to do in this case, is to first identify a good supply of cheap products. 

For instance, you can consider paying a visit to Mombasa House in River Road Nairobi or Eastleigh. Once you get a cheap source of products, you can then open a shop in your area and start expanding.
Overall you’ll require around Ksh70,000 to start this business. 

Please note that the business may take time to establish – with a payback time of up to 15 months. Patience is key. 

(6)Wines & Spirits Pub

You can never go wrong when you pursue the business idea of a wines and spirit pub. Many people drink every day. 

In fact, according to my research, an average customer in a pub spends at least Ksh200 per day. So if you are able to establish a good outlet that has a good reputation then you can really make it big. 

The only headache you’ll have to deal with is the licenses that are required both by the National and the county governments.

Overall, you will require a minimum of Ksh100,000 to set up a decent pub and to buy the drinks. 

(5)Mineral Water (Bottled Water) Supply

People are becoming extremely cautious about their health. With good marketing skills, strict adherence to quality and good packaging then this business can easily make you millions. 

All you need to have is a good source of water, a filtering mechanism, plastic bottles and packaging. You’ll also need a delivery van or cart. Once you do that, you can confidently approach your customers and market your products.

This is a capital intensive business but with good returns. You will require a minimum of Ksh150,000 to get started. The pay-back time for this business is around 4 months. 

(4)Jewelry & Watch Business

Now, this one is quite easy to hack into. In fact, if you are looking for a part-time business idea in Kenya, then this is what you should seriously think about. 

There are many jewelry suppliers in Eastleigh, Nairobi. And there are many more suppliers on You can buy jewelry at dirt cheap prices and re-sell them for quick cash to your colleagues, family and neighbors. 

If the business keeps growing, you can set up a facebook page and continue marketing your services. 
This is one of the simplest business that you can pursue with as little as Ksh30,000 capital. 

Even if you are busy at the office or work the whole day, you can definitely figure out how to incorporate this into your schedule. 

(3)LPG Gas Retail Business

Are you looking for practical business ideas in Kenya? Wow, this one will impress you. To start an LPG  retail business you don’t need anything more than Ksh100,000. 

No special licenses are require either – a part from the single business permit by the county council. All you need is to establish a good relationship with LPG gas suppliers and negotiate for a reasonable price with them. 

Then you can move around your estate and put many posters reading something like “For home delivered LPG gas, call me on 072xxxxxxxxx”. 

In this business, you really need to create good relationships with your customers so that they keep coming back to you. Don’t exploit them…even Ksh1 bob difference with your competitors can make them stop buying from you. 

(2)Pig Farming

It is interesting that this “dirty” business can make you millions. Actually did you know that with Ksh10,000 you can buy two pigs, feed them and after a few months you’ll have a community of 15 pigs. 

By the end of the year you have over 20 pigs. Now if you sell each of these pigs at Ksh5,000 each how much will you make? 

Pigs are very versatile animals, they can live anywhere and they eat everything. You only need to keep them clean and healthy and your money will grow a hundred-fold. 

(1)Stationery Supplies (Also Office Supplies)

Now this is where the real money is. First, offices are always looking for things like business cards. Yet business cards are available in Nairobi for just Ksh2 bob per piece. If you can approach office owners and offer to make each card at Ksh5 bob…how much profit will you make if you’re given an order of 1000 cards? Do the math.

Another way you can look at the stationery business is by supplying high schools especially in Rift Valley and Eastern Provinces with the same. How do you get orders from headteachers? Simple, you need to attend teachers meetings and put your table outside to market. Some stationery products that high schools are always willing to buy (even at insanely inflated prices) include:

*Door plates
*Name plates
*Electric Bells
*KCSE & Mock revision papers

If you do a tour of some shops in Nairobi, you’ll find that they sell each mock revision booklet for around Ksh200. Teachers in Rift Valley are willing to buy these books for as much as Ksh1,000 per piece. We’re talking about Ksh800 per piece.

Final Word; 

As the old saying goes, there are too many business ideas out there. It is only that we tend to look too far and that’s why we don’t spot them. It is my hope that this article has inspire you to think big.

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