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How to get started with internet marketing consulting or freelance writing business in Kenya

easy way to make money in kenya

There are two main ways of making money online in Kenya. These are internet marketing consultancy and freelance writing. I this article, I'll bring you up to speed with how to get started and what you need to do to start making real money. Enjoy the read. 

(1)Internet Marketing Consultancy

In order to start this business you require:

*Computer and knowledge for computer use
*Reliable internet connection
*Blog or website
*Knowledge of internet marketing affairs i.e. blogging, search engine optimization, social media marketing and internet marketing

Minimum Budget

Ksh10,000 (assuming you have a computer and internet and blog already).
Ksh50,000 (if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned tools but have knowledge of internet mkting)

Of course, you’ll need to spend a lot more until you get some paying clients on board. In the long-run the budget might stretch to Ksh200,000 or even Ksh500,000.

How to get started

Many business owners in Kenya would like to market their goods and businesses online but they don’t know how. They would like to grow their Facebook likes but they don’t know how. Now your business will be to assist them build their visibility on the world wide web at a fee.

You can market yourself by going door-to-door and convincing your target customers about the benefits of taking their businesses online. You can then charge them a minimum of Ksh10,000 for your services per month. The more customers you get on board the better.

My eBook might be of great help especially if you are still green in this area. It contains all the tips you need, real life examples to get started in this area. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME FOR THE BOOK. Or call me on 0*7*2*8*0*6*7*3*5*4. Each copy goes for Ksh500/-.

Beware of spams e.g Internet Marketing Africa, PayFunda, SBC or anything else of that nature. They don’t pay back!

2.Freelance Writing Business

There are many clients who are looking for writers. Some want blog articles written, others want academic papers written.

What you require

*Good writing skills
*Computer and internet connection
*Ability to work for long hours and to meet high client standards

How to get started

Examples of freelance writing works include:

ACADEMIC WRITING (Minimum Budget: Ksh50,000)

You’ll write academic papers for campus students from America, USA and Australia. To get started, talk to Nyakundi Jay (Click here) for more details on how to get an account and start bidding for work. Remember, you need to be at least a campus material to take on some academic writing assignments.

VIDEO TRANSCRIBING (Minimum Budget: Ksh20,000)

You’ll listen to videos and type-out what the speakers in those videos say. To get started, talk to Shiru Kiarie on Facebook (Click here) for more details on how to get started and for some training. Good writing skills are necessary but campus 
education is not necessary.

ARTICLE WRITING (Minimum Budget: Ksh10,000)

This is a relatively easier career to get started. In this field you’ll be required to write articles for website owners to optimize their websites. You’ll write articles such as “how to get fit fast” “how to keep your skin looking young etc.” Good writing skills are necessary. To get started you can talk to my friend Walter Akolo and request for article writing training: 0720754933.

Hope this helps you get started with online jobs and freelance writing in Kenya. Feel free to get in touch with me for training, eBooks or consultancy. 
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