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14 Business Ideas In Kenya's Art Industry

arts industry in Kenya
The arts industry in Kenya has great potential and a great variety of business ideas for our youth to exploit. The best thing about this industry is that it is mainly a service-based one, meaning you don't require to invest hefty amounts of capital to get started. Here are some small business ideas in this sector.

(1)Sell Art Prints

Can you create nice pieces of art? Help your customers spruce up their homes with your creative art prints. Budget: Ksh 20,000 – Ksh 100,000

(2)Basket Weaving

People are always on the look-out for homemade decorations, the business of basket weaving could make your interest in the crafts profitable.

Budget: Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 100,000

(3)Bookbinding and Repairs

People are always looking for a person who can repair their books and bind them up for longetivity. Done professionally, this can be a good source of income.

Budget: Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 20,000


Are you passionate about writing in calligraphy? Then all you need to do is do a few sample pieces of your work and start marketing your skills.

Budget: Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 10,000

(5)Candle Making

Do you know how to make candles? If you don’t then rush to Google right now and start making yours for profit. Budget: Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 10,000

(6)Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

Create some nice xmas decorations and ornaments (for kids) and sell to your customers. Alternatively you can import some from China.

Budget: Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 1, 000, 000

(7)Sell Designer Pillows

Are you a good tailor? Think about designing nice Pillows and Pillow covers that help people to decorate their homes. Budget: Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 500, 000

(8)Freelance Photography

Do you love photography? Look for a camera and a way to print them and then get out and start marketing your skills. Budget: Ksh 80,000 – Ksh 1,000,000

(9)Iron Sculptures

If you are creative and you know how to weld, start looking for metal today and make unique iron sculpture for the market.

Budget: Ksh 50,000 – Ksh 500, 000

(10)Jewelry Business

You’ve got to have a love for details, artistry and functionality for you to make it in this business. You can create your own jewelry or jewelry boxes. Alternatively you can import from China.

Budget: Ksh 30,000 – Ksh 250,000

(11)Mirror Art

You can create cool mirror products, images and artifacts using broken mirrors and make some good money out of it. You can borrow an idea from a company called Kitengela Glass.

Budget: Ksh 50,000 – Ksh 1,000,000

(12)Photo Mugs and Plates

Help people preserve their most precious memories with photos imprinted on photo mugs and plates. You can combine this business with your photography business.

Budget: Ksh 100,000 – Ksh 500,000

(13)Rubber Stamps

Every company needs a rubberstamp especially the self-inking date stamps and company seals. Good thing, you can become a broker – linking the rubberstamp makers to the corporate. Easy money.

Budget: Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 20,000


Are you good at making wooden products? Are you good at curving out beautiful images with your knife from the wood? Then this is your ideal business idea.

Budget: Ksh1, 000 – Ksh500,000

So if you are talented with any form of art, don't keep hiding that talent in your home. Come out here, actualize it and soon you'll be a proud owner of a successful small business in Kenya. All the best.

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