Saturday, 9 May 2015

3 Small Business Opportunities in Kenya's Financial Sector

The Kenyan financial sector is a bee-hive of activities. From investments in stocks to investment in unit trusts lots of money changes hands every day. So what is in it for a small trader like you and me? Below I have discussed some business ideas in this sector.

(1)Forex Trading
Are you a real risk taker? Then why not invest in currency or stock trading and start making money from the comfort of your couch? Well, I must admit this can be risky business, but for sure it can be rewarding to those who are ready to learn.
Budget: Ksh50,000 – Ksh1,000,000

(2)Online Loans
There are many people (mostly the working class) who look for short-term loans. If you have the capital and the ability to take risks, you can make a shylocking website today and start making some good money from interest rate.
Budget: Ksh1,000,000 – Ksh10,000,000

(3)Venture Capital Broker
There are many upcoming entrepreneurs who would like to be connected with venture capitalists. If you know what that means, then you can make it your business to connect entrepreneurs to venture capital firms on a commission basis. This is good business especially in developing countries.
Budget: Ksh500,000 – Ksh2,000,000

Hope you've enjoyed the brief read. I'll be adding a few more business ideas in finance sector going forward as I discover them. Remember to drop a comment if you enjoyed it.
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