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7 Business Ideas In Kenya's Children & Related Services Industry

We all love our children and we'd do anything within our means to ensure they get the best there is in life. Now for an entrepreneur, the children and related services industry in Kenya is growing at an alarming rate in line with a growing middle-class. Here are 7 cool ideas that have a promising future.
(1)Child Care & Day Care Services
If you love working with kids you can start a child care business or baby day care business in your area. Be careful though, this business requires a great deal of trust in order parents to entrust you with their kids.
Budget: Ksh100,000 – Ksh500,000

(2)Camps for Children
During school holidays, parents are always on the look-out for camps and hiking services to take their kids to. If this sounds like a good business idea in your area, then go ahead and invest in children camp services e.g. by arranging trips to churches and out of town.
Budget: Ksh80,000 – Ksh800,000

(3)Children Personal Safety Courses
This is a unique idea because everyone else seems to be focusing on swimming pools and bouncing castles. You can start the business of teaching kids about basic safety rules of life and make good business out of it.
Budget: Ksh50,000 – Ksh200,000

(4)Educational Toys
Help kids learn better at class and/or home by designing simple toys that are related to school curriculum. Simple idea but pretty easy to implement.
Budget: Ksh20,000 – Ksh100,000

(5)Nanny Placement or Agency Services
Are you able to find a good team of nannies or house-maids that you can refer to families who are looking for good domestic workers? Well, you can start an agency today and as you make a name for yourself you’ll be earning good income.

(6)Help People Find Names for Kids Online
Expectant couples are always looking for unique names to give to their kids. If you can create an online service that enables them to do this then you can make good business out of it.
Budget: Ksh50,000 – Ksh100,000

(7)Puppet Shows
The idea of running puppet shows for kids is quite ideal especially if you have connection to people who organize kids events. All you need to do is learn how to perform puppet shows, create/buy good puppets and there…you’re ready to make money.
Budget: Ksh10,000 – Ksh50,000  

In my opinion, market for children related services is underserved. With a bit of creativity and risk taking any small investor can take on the market and build the next big brand in Kenya. Kindly leave your feedback on this article via the comment box.

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