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100 Small Business Ideas You Can Start In Kenya - KIT

100 Small Business Ideas In Kenya

Small Business ideas in Kenya have a bright future indeed and if you would like to be part of this future then you need to start your journey today. In this blog, I have broken down some simple business opportunities that you can start with different budget levels, in different industries.

(N/B: This is a list of types of small businesses ideas in Kenya, brilliant ideas, easy to start opportunities, enjoy the read)

Ideas in The Advertising Industry

The advertising industry has grown tremendously over the last one decade. In it, there are numerous opportunities waiting to be exploited by both small investors and large investors. Get such ideas here:
>>Explore Ideas In Advertising Industry

Ideas in Arts & Crafts Industry

Known as the epitome of creativity in Kenya, the arts and crafts industry is abound with opportunities. Best still, it has opportunities for micro investors as well as large scale investors. Get ideas in the arts and craft industry here:
>>Explore Ideas In Arts and Crafts Industry

Small Business Ideas in Cars & Transportation Industry

The transport sector expands beyond the predominant matatu and taxi sectors. You can join in but with a bit of diversification so to penetrate the market. We have some unique ideas that can help you hack into this profitable sector. Read below:
>>Explore Opportunities in Cars & Transportation Industry

Business Opportunities in Beauty & Personal Care

If beauty and style is your thing, then this sector will certainly offer a wonderful launching spring for you. Despite the market for basic items being flooded, I have compiled a few unique suggestions that can catapult you right to the very top of the market. Read more:
>>Explore Ideas in Beauty & Personal Care Industry

Opportunities in Business & Corporate Related Industry

This sector offers multiple opportunities to the aggressive businessman. To hack into it, you need to sharpen your marketing skills as it requires decent branding and product placement. All in all, this is one of the sectors with hugest returns on investment.
>>Explore Ideas in B&C Industry

Business Opportunities In Children Services Industry

If you love working with kids or if you just like making the world a better place for the future generation then this industry should give you the idea's bulb. With numerous, creative ideas, this sector creates a clear avenue for anyone who would like to start small and keep growing into a bigger business. Read more:
>>Explore Opportunities in Children Services Industry in Kenya

Ideas in Computer Industry

The computer industry is full opportunities given the fast growing demand for IT services in the country and the region at large. With each new day, this industry keeps widening and creating opportunities for new members. Learn more about simple business that you can start in this sector below:
>>Explore Opportunities in Computer Industry

Ideas in Instruction, Tutorage and Teaching Sector

With people seeking to learn new information, you can never go wrong by making an investment in this sector. Unlike with other industries, you don't have to worry too much about marketing your services as referrals for good services are mainly relied upon. Get insights into this industry in our detailed analysis.
>>Explore the Instruction and Teaching Sector

Opportunities in Entertainment & Events Management Business

Entertainment sells, there's no doubt about that. However, not every business idea works and that is why you need to explore our list of ideas before you make up your mind. The good thing about it is that it requires little capital to start with an admirable return on investment. Gather more in our list.
>>Explore Opportunities in E & E Sector

Good Ideas in the Kenyan Financial Sector

Nothing beats the financial sector in minting profits in Kenya. However, as lucrative as it is, it comes with a few risks and one needs to be adequately prepared. Opportunities such as Forex trading can be started with little capital, but all the same one needs to acquire adequate training beforehand.
>>Explore Opportunities Financial Sector

Ideas in Food Industry

Every human being needs to eat, and as much as people go hungry you can't run out of business. Being a lucrative sector for small and large investors alike, we have listed down a couple of revolutionary opportunities that lie therein for you. Learn more from our exclusive coverage of the same below.
>>Explore the Food Industry

Opportunities in Health Care & Medical Sector

Health is wealth. An investment in this industry can hardly go wrong provided one follows all the necessary legal requirements for the business. While starting out may be a bit of a task, the fruits can be realized in just a matter of months if not years.
>>Explore Opportunities in HealthCare Sector

Ideas in Home & Other Sectors

We all live in homes, and we like making our homes the best places to live in the world. To the creative entrepreneur, the home&other sectors offers wonderful opportunities to start. Here is a detailed analysis of such opportunities.
>>Explore Opportunities in Home & Other Sectors

That's it. I hope this list of 100 Small Business Ideas in Kenya will help you think outside the box and conquer the entrepreneurial world. Kindly, share your feedback via the comment box.
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