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Meet The 5 Aspirants Eyeing S.O.N.U Presidency 2014

As the official day of SONU elections 2014 draws closer and closer, various political camps are busy sharpening their daggers ready for the red-letter day. Today, I’m going to introduce you to 5 SONU presidential aspirants who have already rolled up their sleeves ready for the big day. Read on.

(5)Aquinas Maina
Martin Aquinas is a charming and extremely eloquent young man who graduated from Murang’a High School prior to joining the University of Nairobi.

 Although he has not been in active politics for the better part of his time around here, he seems to have set his ambitions high.

His following has grown exponentially since mid-January when he formally declared his interest to run for SONU presidency 2014. 

In his own words “I am tired of simple chattering in the background. I am sure that you too are tired of choosing the lesser evil to lead our great institution UON …I want to be the person to salvage the students from historical embarrassments by the leaders we choose”.

(4)Wakoli Kunani
The sensational Wakoli Kunani was the first of the five candidates to declare his interest for the job of the most powerful student in the UON.

The brilliant gentleman from the School of Engineering believes in the true power of comradeship. Wakoli is the current chairman of Nairobi University Bungoma Students’ Association which is among the best organized regional student organizations in Kenya.

 He is however not a stranger to controversy. For instance not so long ago someone claimed that he had stepped down in favor of another popular candidate. He was however quick to disown those claims stating that he’s firmly in the race.

If elected the flamboyant young man promises to revolutionize student welfare in the entire university. For more information about Wakoli Kunani campaign machinery please like our FB PAGE for updates.

(3)Philbert Kongola
SONU 2014 ASPIRANTThe tall, well-built former student of Kanga Boys High School is all too familiar with the art of SONU politics.

He is among the few “rebels students” who made it to the top of SONU leadership despite the controversial polls of 2013.

According to reliable sources, Mr. Kongola, or PK as his friends call him, has set aside a SERIOUS budget to power his campaign machinery. Mr. Kongola is the reigning SoNu Vice Chairman A&F.

 “Students want a leader who can fight for their rights without fear or favor. I believe that I’m the most suited candidate for the top job.” Says the ever-polite gentleman when asked what pushed him to vie for SONU presidency 2014.

(2)Edith Mwirigi
SONU ASPIRANTSTalk of a fearless woman, an iron lady and a ferocious leader. Edith Mwirigi, a 4th civil engineering student, seems to operate like the mythical cat which has 9 lives.

Her first time to vie for a high ranking SONU position when she was voted in as Vice Chairman A&A - - -she was still a young second year student then. She would later vie for the position of SONU secretary general in 2013 which she won amidst controversy.

This time round, the former student of St. Mary’s Girls High School is readying her campaign machinery for the biggest political battle of her life.

Reliable sources have it that she has set aside MILLIONS of shillings ready to roll out the BIGGEST CAMPAIGN that UONers have ever seen. She is rumored to be enjoying the silent support of a current SONU executive (name with held) although those claims cannot be substantiated.

“If being a students’ project is misusing people's sons with cheap liquor and ensuring they constantly stay around the university without graduating and ensuring that they worship you,I choose not to be one.” Says Edith.  

(1)Babu Owino
SONU ASPIRANTMost people know him simply as Babu Owino but his full name is PAUL OWINO OR #BIGBALLSKENDE. This is the second time for the brilliant chap to vie for SONU Presidency. He was first voted in in 2011.

Money is not a problem for Babu, as we speak he lives in the leafy Kileleshwa estate and owns a fleet of sleek cars. If his 2011 campaign strategy is anything to go by then there’s absolutely no doubt that 2014 will be bigger and better.

Being a wealthy businessman, Babu is never mean with his cash. He has in several occassions paid school fees for needy campus students. At one time, he forked out a cool Ksh 800,000 to clear a sick comrade's hospital bill.

Babu's failure to act expeditiously after the death of Mercy Keino (a master's student who died controversially) is seen by his critics as a big weak point of his leadership skills.

I’m sure that by this time you’ve made up your mind who to vote for. If you haven’t then it’s high time you make that decision. Please like our FB page for more updates on SONU election 2014.   

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