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Can't Add Payoneer To PayPal? Here's Quick Help

Have you been getting this error message every time you try to link your Payoneer card with your PayPal account: “We are unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.”

Well, take a deep breath because you’ve just landed at the right page. Here I’ll give you the genesis of this problem and show you how you can solve it in a couple of minutes. 

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What Is Causing This Problem
In 2012 when I received my Payoneer Card here in Kenya, I didn’t face any problem adding it as one of my banks on my PayPal account. In fact, I was able to withdraw a couple of dollars in less than 7 days after receiving and activating it. But what happened in 2013 (onwards)?

Well, apparently PayPal had a bank database crash sometime in 2013. Some banks like First Century Bank and Bank of America were erroneously scrapped from PayPal’s list of American Banks.
First I would like to clarify to you that there’s nothing wrong with Payoneer.

In fact, almost all big players in the online business industry have endorsed Payoneer Virtual Bank due to its effectiveness. I am talking about Elance, Amazon, Freelancer and a host of other multi-national companies where Kenyans make real money online.

How to Add Payoneer Bank to PayPal
It doesn’t really matter if your card is registered under First Century Bank or Bank of America (or any other bank); the processing of linking to PayPal is always the same.

Method 1: Call PayPal (The Harder Option)
Mpesa to PayPal Withdrawal
You might be tempted to give up at this point but please don’t.

You’re about to make it! Just do this, visit the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the PP page. Follow the whole drill until you retrieve your “one-time passcode”.

Use your phone to call PayPal’s official number.

First a robot will receive your call and prompt you to provide your PayPal Email, Official Name and One-time Passcode. After sometime a human attendant will receive your call.

Take this opportunity to explain the exact problem you’re facing using the simplest terms possible - BUT DON'T MENTION ANYTHING TO DO WITH PAYONEER JUST TELL THEM YOU WANT TO ADD YOUR AMERICAN BANK ACCOUNT. The human-attendant will then put you on hold for 5 minutes as he/she changes your security

She’ll then get back to you and confirm that indeed they’ve lifted your security options temporarily for 4 hours. Take advantage of this opportunity to add your Payoneer Bank to your

Of course you need a lot of credit to make this call, so be sure to load-up your phone with at least Ksh500 ($8) worth of airtime.  

Method 2: Email Them (The Easier Option)
May be you’ve already tried emailing PayPal on this issue but they’re only replying with a generic mail that doesn’t seem to help you at all; right?

Don’t give up…just write them another mail now and wait for them to respond with the usual generic email.

Now “REPLY TO THIS GENERIC EMAIL” and tell them in plain words whatever problem you’re facing. This time a human assistant will contact you and confirm that your security parameters have been lifted for 4 hours.

Grab this chance to add your Virtual Bank to your PP account!
Yes, it’s that easy but I tend to think that Method 3 is even easier.

Method 3: The Social Media Method
PayPal Withdrawal in Kenya
Quicker help is available in PayPal’s Twitter handle @AskPayPal and their UK Facebook Page.

All you need to do is tag them in your tweet or post on their FB page and voila they’ll be more than glad to assist.

I have suggested this method to quite a few of my fans and I have seen it work. I would suggest you take it today to save on time.  

Other Important Tips

Ensure Your PayPal Account Is Verified
You’ll not be able to add your Payoneer bank to your PayPal account until it’s (your PayPal account that is) is verified. Since Payoneer is a virtual bank, I would not advice you to use it to verify your PP
account. Personally, I used Cooperative Bank of Kenya Visa Card to verify PP before adding my Payoneer Card. If you don’t know how to verify your PP account, please read more on this post by Equity Bank of Kenya.

Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache
PayPal uses a highly secure system which is highly sensitive to potential threats. Therefore just to ensure that you’re playing safe, just take a couple of minutes to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. Here is a brief guide on how you can go about this.

Once you do this, try adding your bank…well, chances are that it will give you this same old, boring message: “We are unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.”  It is now time to take the bull by its horns…we begin with the harder option as we proceed to the simpler option.

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