Friday, 8 May 2015

Cool Business Ideas in Kenya's Business & Corporate Services

The business and corporate services sector in Kenya is booming especially given the influx of start-ups and foreign owned companies. This presents great opportunities for creative minds to tackle a few business ideas. Here are a few simple ones - which I happen to think are pretty coo.

(1)Call Center
Many global companies are in need of outsourcing for customer call services. You can set up a good call center that will serve this need.
Budget: Ksh5,000,000 – Ksh40,000,000

(2)Business Consultancy
Do you have business expertise that you would like to share with upcoming entrepreneurs and SMEs? You can provide these services at a fee and make money.
Budget: Ksh2,000,000 – Ksh10,000,000

(3)Business Plan Service
Thousands of businesses are started every day across the world. But the problem is that many of these entrepreneurs don’t have the expertise to write a winning business plan. If you have the skills for this, then you’re sitting on a potential income earner.
Budget: Ksh150,000 – Ksh1,000,000

(4)Business Presentations
Presentations are the heart and soul of most businesses. However, entrepreneurs hate putting presentations together. You can do it for them for a fee!
Budget: Ksh100,000 – Ksh1,000,000

(5)Career and Personal Coach
People are always looking for a way to make the most of their lives and potential. Do you have the ability to inspire people? Take this idea very seriously and you’ll make it.
Budget: Ksh150,000 – Ksh5,000,000

(6)Commercial Cleaning
This is a huge industry that is extremely demanding. To succeed, you only need to bring together a team of professional cleaners, buy some cleaning materials and then marketing your company.
Budget:Ksh100,000 – Ksh500,000

The business and corporate services in Kenya promises to be the next big frontier for entrepreneurs in Kenya. Have you positioned yourself to reap from this growth? Kindly share your feedback via the comment box below.
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